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Empower learners by delivering quality content that drives behavioral change and encourages consistent learning. Techinnov helps organizations create, curate and manage content libraries for learners. Provide an engaging learning experience for your users by building flexible learning spaces and diversifying content delivery methods.

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Manage, secure and access your content across platforms with our content management and migration services. Diversify your content delivery methods through the use of our customizable content templates and SCORM packages. Access detailed analytic reports of content performance and secure your content libraries with AI-powered infrastructure.

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Grow your business and team by simplifying the learning process​

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AI and Machine Learning

By adopting machine learning for your operational model, you can optimize development of products and services. Machine learning is used to analyze and adapt to user behaviour in a variety of web and mobile applications.

Data Driven Development

The data discovered by machine learning is used to build algorithms that predict and gradually improve product and service performance. With data driven development, you can gain a greater understanding of key business and audience metrics by using your own data as a frame of reference.

Machine Learning Algorithms

The appeal of machine learning is its capacity for continuous improvement that results in greater accuracy over time. The continuous improvement is directly tied to how machine learning automatically builds its own algorithms based on experience with users and data. With machine learning algorithms, you can make well-informed predictions about KPIs without relying on more conventional algorithms.

Ontology Based Optimization

An important foundation for implementing strong analytical practices is access to domain knowledge. By developing an ontology that draws from a robust library of domain knowledge, structural specifications and enterprise information, you can use analytical data to continuously refine your operational knowledge and systems.

E-Learning Gamification​​

Encourage learners to continue their training by integrating gamification elements like competitive leaderboards, point score systems and rewards. Gamification can be integrated with learners’ individual learning paths and customized according to module levels. Diversify your content delivery methods and maximize your learners’ information retention and training success.

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