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Techinnov is a Canadian Company, founded in 2013 to provide cutting edge software development, content conversion, and mobile development services. Most of our services to date have been delivered through our partner company LRDG. We have contributed in the training on official languages of over 15000 government employees in the past 6 years. We have also contributed directly and in partnership in the development of innovative artificial intelligence-based assessment solutions, funded through grants provided by the federal government’s BCIP/PICC program and the Canada Media Fund, in collaboration with local Quebec universities, valued at over 2 million CA$.

Techinnov offers its proven experience in many areas that are critical to a major initiative such as the creation of e-learning courses to benefit organizations across North America. We are a low-risk, highly professional organization that understands what is needed and has the credentials to deliver across the board, from consultation to implementation and most requirements in between. Our commitment is to deliver solutions that can be a source of pride to an organization and to all its users. In the process, we reinvest into creating jobs in Canada; during the next 5 years we plan to more than double our workforce and extend our area of business reach.

Techinnov’s core competency is its IT capability (conception, development and delivery) focused on e-learning. We are an integrated IT company with HQ in Montreal and various development groups, contractors and consultants worldwide that help provide expertise and resources as required to augment our local staff or to assist with urgent projects.

Techinnov incorporates the ideals of a successful SME, which are flexibility, innovativeness and focus on client needs. Our success has been achieved thanks to our uncompromised quest for quality and client satisfaction. We are well positioned for growth and have taken steps to expand our IT and e-learning competencies globally. We are ready to assist organizations in the creation of advanced e-learning and LMS solutions and put our expertise to your service.


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Director of Content Development at Business Families Foundation
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Family Business, Intrapreneurship and how IT has helped reshape the present and future mission and operations of Business Families Foundation’s mission.


For the past 8 years, Thomas has been working as the Director of Content Development for Business Families Foundation – a non-for-profit educational organisation that promotes the success and longevity of family businesses through the delivery of specialised learning.

An extensive background in International Development and Development studies cause Thomas to have in-depth insight and understanding of the education and management process of content related projects

Additionally, Thomas has helped in developing the Intrapreneurial Initiative in 2016. This initiative is a 15 week multi-generational family business incubator that aims to support an aspiring entrepreneur connected to a business, by the creation of a new intrapreneurial project. His many travels around the world have enhanced his cultural sensibility and been applied in his work with organizations such as the Institute of Social Studies and even in his current philanthropic contributions in working with Hockey Helps the Homeless in Montreal. His work has allowed him to interact and learn from some of the most inspiring families, professionals and academics in the family business field in Canada and abroad.


Founder and President at Digitad

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How To Build The Best Web-Marketing Strategy For The Years To Come

How the customers’ mindset and conversion funnel has changed and what to do now to make your business grow using new and effective marketing strategies


Passionate about business creation and development, in 2014 Jeremy developed, co-founded and sold the first escape game in Quebec, Échappe-Toi. To date, more than 300,000 players have “racked their brains on more and more immersive scenarios. Following this first success, and given the observation that only 16% of companies succeed in their digital transformation, Jeremy decided to create Digitad – the first digital marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses.

Digitad’s basic principle is simple: Adapt the digital methods used by the 500 largest companies to SMEs, with quantifiable results allowing a transparent return on investment calculation. In 2017, Alex Corbasson joined him as Partner and CEO of Digitad and allows us, thanks to his approach and strategic vision, Digitad is reaching new levels of performance while supporting their annual 3-digit growth. Over the past 5 years, more than 850 Quebec SMEs have developed their business thanks to Digitad.


Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Tech3Lab
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A presentation that will teach you how to apply scientific tools and techniques to solve real-life challenges faced by businesses.


Dr. Boasen received his doctoral training in cognitive neuroscience at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, where he worked on projects regarding memory, aging, music, social interaction and creativity. He currently holds a guest research seat at Hokkaido University and continues to lead projects there.

Simultaneously, Dr. Boasen works as a postdoctoral fellow at the Tech3Lab at HEC Montréal where he specializes in applying scientific tools and techniques to solve real-life challenges faced by businesses. Techinnov is incredibly lucky to have his EXPERT INSIGHTS being shared with us for our webinar!


Senior Advisor, Financing Innovation and Research at FIN-R & D

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How To Develop And Get Funding for Your Company’s Future Innovative Projects

Demystify the process of developing a request for funding for innovative projects, including choosing programs, writing a request and managing relationships with grant agencies at the provincial and federal level.


Thanks to solid knowledge of the ecosystem of Research and Innovation Funding in Canada, Jean-Marc Vincent has been assisting, since 2008, technological SMEs, NPOs with social vocation and university research centers in funding partnerships with grant agencies at the federal and provincial levels.

To better guide promoters of technological and social innovation projects and support them in achieving their ambitions, he founded the site in order to share his experience in public funding of research and innovation, in management research and entrepreneurship projects.

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