How Edtech Companies Can Use Digital Transformation to Become More Agile and User-Friendly

How EdTech Companies Can Use Digital Transformation to Become More Agile And User-Friendly Ebook Cover Page


Digital transformation is the organization-wide adoption of digital technologies. Organizations that undergo digital transformation adopt a digital-first approach for product development and use new technologies to improve previous products, processes, and services. Digital transformation allows companies to pivot to an Agile framework that primes them for product development optimization, platform consolidation, and scalable solutions that encourage business growth.

For EdTech companies, digital transformation is an adaptable and cost-effective way to improve business scalability and streamline the user experience. The organization-wide adoption of digital tools allows employees to gain a greater understanding of product specifications and maximize digital tools for collaboration and knowledge sharing. With the plethora of digital data analytic tools on the market, organizations with a digital-first approach can gain realtime insight into product performance and make decisions backed by data.

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