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Streamline the remote learning experience for your workforce with secure and scalable data-backed solutions for training and learning systems.

Solve learning and training challenges with reliable infrastructure, secure storage and innovative solutions

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A cloud-based personalized learning management system adapted to your organization’s training needs. Our team provides consistent support for self-directed and instructor-led training and produces business-ready training insights and reports. Access a unified platform ready for rapid operational access deployment and global scalability to enable learning anywhere and for any audience.

Develop content that works for all by leveraging our subject matter expertise and content management systems. Our content strategists and developers will support you through the conversion of your content into globally competitive e-learning material.

Ontology-based learning objectives designed to empower self-directed and instructor-led learners. Support your learners with the reliable deployment of personalized adaptive learning paths as they progress through a personalized training curriculum. Help your learners achieve training goals at their own pace without compromising your organization’s learning objectives and training schedules.

Leading organizations count on Techinnov’s system integration services and API development to enable seamless and secure experience. We provide an intuitive and unified experience for both you and your end-user.

Track learner progress and generate performance reports in real time. Analyze your data to improve and Implement new strategies that are backed by data.

Engaging your learners is a key element in an effective learning strategy. Techinnov helps you make learning an engaging experience for all learners in your organization.




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