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Axon, Tech3Lab and the future of Cognitive Function Research

By Techinnov

17 June 2022

What is Axon?

Over the last few years, Techinnov, LRDG and Tech3Lab at HEC Montreal have been collaborating on designing and testing the Axon application. Axon is a user-friendly solution designed to test cognitive function for remote health monitoring and learning and development. The streamlined design of the application facilitates cognitive testing for end-users and the results can be used to monitor long-term and short-term cognitive function.

What is the goal of Axon?

Through long-term, iterative use of the Axon app, individuals can detect long-term and short-term changes in their cognitive function, enabling them to take action and/or permitting insight into the cognitive efficaciousness of education or health interventions. With the Axon app, end-users can self-administer infinite versions of the test and view user-friendly reports of their test results. Administrative industrial or clinical users can anonymously register end-users, and access detailed statistics linked to demographics and other information. By prioritizing usability, self-administration, and scientific validation, Axon empowers clinicians, companies, and individual users with the digitized tool they need to exercise agency when it comes to education and health.

What are we doing to help?

Throughout this digitization process, the Techinnov team worked to design and build the Axon application for ease of usability and accessibility. Our UI/UX designers and software engineers work on maintaining the application using an Agile workflow. We also provide Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), security and IT Business Consulting to ensure that the application functions according to the standards and goals set by Tech3Lab at HEC Montreal. With a project like this, all partners must share the same vision and keep communication channels open throughout the building and maintenance processes. Adopting an Agile workflow has proven beneficial as a strategy to navigate the constant evolution of old technologies and the influx of new technologies.


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